Day 6 - Sweden

March 29, 2014

Second of the batch updates, and hopefully the last as I should be nearing civilisation and signal again tomorrow.

The fifth day took us down from Tjaktra on the path to a hut called Salka. I stayed strong with my snowshoes, fairly attached now. Jon has spurned them, I think he's suspicious of them. Snow shoes are all well and good on the flat and when you're going uphill, but as we dropped 300m+ that day, I found that they're not so useful going downhill. Having a large spiky piece of plastic attached to your foot that hinges at the back is quite a hindrance going down a hill that's a foot deep in powder. Still, I soldiered on, always up for a challenge even if it does put me at risk of sliding down a hill face first.

Today was day six and saw us heading from Salka to Singi. The wind we've been pushing through for the last few days has died away completely, so we spent most of today complaining about being too warm. Even had to ditch my ski goggles and swap them out for shades. Spent the last hour of the evening stood around outside in horrendously cold temperatures with our cameras. No sign of the northern lights, just our luck. Still, frostbite, that's something to use in show and tell at work.