Sweden - Interlude - Predictions

March 23, 2014

Probably going to be without Internet til we reach somewhere near the end now, so rather than make up 7 days of Swedish adventure and set them to auto post, I'll just make a series of predictions. Predictions that I either believe will come true, want to come true, or just things that I think are funny.

  • it's going to be damn cold
  • this is the last bit of luxury I'll see for a while
  • I'll run out of books in about three days time and wish I bought more whilst I still had Internet
  • the snowshoes will be a terrible idea
  • Jon will be eaten by a grue
  • Jon will be as laid back about this as he is everything else
  • I'll have trouble explaining to the local police what a grue is
  • everything will have dairy in it, I just won't know what it's called
  • all my pictures will be massively over exposed due to all the snow
  • we'll discover that renting a dog sled is cheaper than renting snow shoes
  • I'll be forced to try some form of pickled fish
  • Jon will find some salt liquorice and try and make me eat some
  • I'll grow a glorious beard due to 6 days not shaving
  • we'll manage to not see the northern lights, despite us bring in the best place in the world to do so
  • I'll make another pointless list
  • I'll come back to this when I find some more internet. Feel free to make your own guesses about our trip, let's see what happens.