Sweden - Day 1

March 23, 2014

So I'm on a train. Have been for 14 hours and there's still 4 to go. 18 hours is probably close to my annual quota for public transport, so it's good to get it out of the way in one chunk. Except I still have to head back.

We're (Jon and myself) on the way to Abisko, a place so far north it's practically Norway. The plan is then to saunter on down through Sweden, heading for a mountain to climb and a hut with the promise of hot water.

We originally worried we'd overpacked, but looking out of the window at a wilderness covered in a horrendous amount of snow, all the axes and gear we brought don't seem so daft any more.

I don't imagine there's a lot of phone signal or electricity kicking around up here, so not sure how frequently these posts will arrive. Then again, I didn't think there'd be much in Nepal either and I managed to get a post up at least every other day, when I wasn't busy dodging yaks.

So not much to report yet, trains aren't that exciting, even if they do come with beds, coffee, a food carriage and a small speaker that keeps shouting things in a language we don't have faintest clue about.