SvN - Day 12 - Ascent, again

March 31, 2013

Today we've been continuing our descent, moving on from Pheriche to Kenguima. Even though we dropped over 1000 metres we encountered quite a few 'Nepali flat' sections whilst we traversed the various valleys along the way.

Due to the fast approaching summiting season there's a constant stream of supplies heading up to base camp. This was fine whilst we were also walking to base camp, but now we've turned around we're battling constantly against wave upon wave of yaks. As I think I mentioned In a previous post, these animals are clumsy, so much so that they account for the majority of fatalities on the base camp trek. So most of the day was spent sat scrambled up the side of the mountain whilst yaks passed, to avoid being knocked off as they bumble around carrying all their gear.

After getting to our destination in one piece, Gelu our guide told us that he had a surprise for us at the place we were staying. Indoor toilets attached to each room! Western style, with seats and a working flush. After 12 days of squats or drops is shacks, some of the group were reduced to tears, it was a moving experience for all.