SvN - Day 11 part two - Descent

March 31, 2013

So the walk back to Lukla begins. As we're heading back from our highest point, you'd think it would be all downhill, but once again we spent most of today climbing. Nepalese geography is weird.

Staying at Pheriche tonight, which is the only different village on the walk back down. The rest of the route is going to be identical from here on in.

Feels a bit strange to be on the way back. Even though we've still got a fair few days left the trek feels a bit like it's over. Guess it's because we're not really aiming for anything now.

In other news, caught a bit of Indian TV in the lodge tonight whilst the Sherpas were watching it. Clearly didn't understand what was going on but the adverts in particular struck me as being particularly outrageous. Especially the large amounts of adverts for Suzuki swifts. I wouldn't have thought that it was really necessary to push swifts on Indians/Nepalese, the two just seem to gravitate towards each other if the taxi demographic here is anything to go by.