SvN - Day 9 - The cold approaches

March 22, 2013

Today was a fairly landmark day in that the majority of my time wasn't spent in a t-shirt. The wooly hat also made an appearance. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised as we also broke 5000 metres today.

Still not feeling much effect from the altitude beyond an increase in hunger and everyone else is wrapping up much warmer than me. Think there may be something wrong with me, some of the group is beginning to wonder if I'm part Sherpa.

Cold weather is pretty awkward, using my camera whilst wearing my massive ski gloves is a bit of an art. Breathing out whilst I have my neck scarf thing on also causes my sunglasses to steam up. I suspect that these are first world problems though, as we still pass porters climbing up and down the ice carrying in excess of 80 kilos.

Our stop today is Lobuche, our final stop before base camp. Getting to EBC will involve a 9 hour day starting at 5:15, so I'll finish this post here and get some oxygen deprived sleep.