SvN - Day 7 - Yaks

March 22, 2013

We left our bleak, stone cold location at Tengboche this morning to head over to Dingboche. This involved heading down a big hill covered in ice. Normally this would be treacherous enough, but t make it more so we were surrounded by yaks.

Due to their clumsiness, the best idea when yaks are passing is to scramble off the road to avoid being knocked over. The aforementioned ice made this much more fun, as the yaks aren't too big fans of heading down icy slopes either. So the whole group ended up stranded in trees and general scrub for about twenty minutes whilst these yaks essentially laid siege. The group didn't agree with my plan to attack first, intending to use our numbers to go on some kind of mountain based, cow tipping inspired rampage. Instead, we just waited for them to pass.

The rest of the hike was the same as usual really. Lots of mountains, few people still feeling ill from AMS etc. I went for a bit of a run earlier in the day to see just how thin the air was now that we're close to 5000 metres. Turns out it's pretty difficult to run up here, your body clocks on after a short while and puts a stop to it. Didn't stop four of use racing up a hill later in the day to tire ourselves out before sleep.

In other news, the altitude appears to be having some strange effects on some of the members of the group. The vegetarians have been getting cravings for meat, so Jon has seized this opportunity to feed them jerky. As it stands, two out of three veggies have now eaten cow on this trip.