SvN - Day 5 - Rest

March 13, 2013

Pretty much got a lie in today, didn't get up until half six. Not so bad though, we all seem to slope off to bed about nine. Still don't seem to have got any altitude sickness effects, feeling cautiously optimistic. Who knows though, could spend the next four days throwing up. Probably best off I don't though.

So today was our hilly rest day. Our guide started the day by pointing up the nearest mountain and saying we were walking along that 'Nepali flat' today. Needless to say, the group didn't consider it very flat, the hiking poles were out in force today (note the lack of capitalisation there)

We saw the summit of Everest properly for the first time today. Still seems to be miles away, mainly because it is. The ultimate destination was the highest hotel in the world (though what defines a hotel seems to be in dispute) called 'The Everest view'. I suspect it may have been called this due to the good view of Everest from the terrace. We had a tea break before heading back down, I took this opportunity to have the first semi-decent coffee of the trip. Even though Nepal is a coffee producing nation, they seem to only drink a terrible instant coffee that is nearly transparent. It's rather annoying, I think I may start to feel caffeine withdrawal before altitude sickness.