SvN - Day 4 - Ascent

March 13, 2013

It turns out yesterday ended with us at a lower altitude than we started at, so today was the start of our slog up the mountains. We gained about 900 vertical metres over the course of a 7+ hour hike up to Namche, so it was really quite steep in parts.

As with yesterday, it's really quite warm whilst the sun is out, but the temperature drops to single figures as soon as it gets a bit dark.

We're now at the point where altitude sickness becomes a bit of a concern. Various members of the group are already feeling it a bit, may be time to turn to the Diamox if I get any symptoms. The Sherpas reckon that the best thing to do to combat it is to eat garlic soup, but whilst it is tasty, I doubt it's pharmaceutical benefits.

As we're at about 3500m now, tomorrow is a rest day. They seem to have a funny idea of rest though, as it entails a 4-5 hour walk with a 400m ascent. Daal bhat count is now at three for three, so I'm keeping strong in that respect.

May find some Internet soon so that I can upload this backlog of posts, shall see what tomorrow brings.