Sam vs Nepal - Day 1 - the begin-ening

March 9, 2013

Starting off the whole Sam vs Nepal thing with a lie I'm afraid, I'm not even in Nepal, currently sat in an airport in Doha.

The only thing I knew about Doha in advance was that the travel agency we're with recently voted it 'the most boring airport in the world'. Excellent.

After a token walk around the duty free to pointlessly comment on the price of whisky I'll never drink we've taken up residence in some uncomfortable chairs and prepared to abuse the free wifi. Of course it may very well be some dodgy man in the middle wifi, so if the next post is about cheap Viagra and not mountains I think it's safe to say it's not me.

I'll end an exciting first post with an equally exciting picture. Here's the change I got from 10usd after buying some water, try to contain your excitement.